January 30, 2015 by Anna Lyon

An Artist’s Plight – Where To Get Inspiration

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We do know artists make their masterpieces out of inspiration. If they do not get inspired, then chances are they cannot produce a masterpiece. End up getting stuck in days, weeks, months or even years before they can get into it. For the aspiring artist out there, you need to make sure that you will be able to get inspiration soon enough in order to create an art to be proud.

Now, you will tell me, “I thought it would just come.” Yes, it does come only if you are eyes are wide open for it. Chances are your brain tends to be thinking or too pre-occupied you cannot even recognize the very fact inspiration is just there.

I would like to help you out on where you can get inspiration of which you can make use of in order to make a masterpiece.

1. Nature.

paint palette imageThis is by far one of the places where you can get inspiration from. It is nature. Seeing the lush green trees and grass makes your brain gets filled up with artistry. The sound of nature, birds chirping, and everything you can see and hear in nature can be a good source of inspiration.

2. Life.

Always remember you are a human being. The experience of a human being can become another source of inspiration for you. Simple things like a baker placing a cake in the oven, a mother carrying her baby with her, or lovers kissing each other under the pouring rain. All these and more will be a good place to get inspired from.

3. Everything you see, hear, taste, smell, and touch.

As an artist you need to be aware of everything that is happening around you. Your five senses should be activated at a much higher level. You need to be able to open yourself on things that people seem to ignore. This is what photographers do when taking a picture. They can take a shot on something as simple as a leaf and make it look marvelous. It is because he sees there is something magical in it that an ordinary person’s eye cannot see.

How to Succeed as an Artist

So, you already have an idea where to get inspiration from. The next thing you need to do is try to look into these places. See for yourself if you can see something, be inspired and transform it into a piece of art. Can you do that?